Black kitten, similar to the one rescued off the side of a highway in California, walking on a street.
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Officer Rescues Kitten off Highway in California

On July 5, a black kitten stranded on the side of a highway in Oakland, California, was rescued by a kind California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer. The feline is safe and sound thanks to the officer’s prompt response to a call reporting the same.

California Highway Patrol officer rescues stranded kitten in Oakland

On Friday, a passerby spotted a kitten on the side of the Interstate 80 in Oakland, California. The Good Samaritan reported the same to CHP, and Officer Bretz responded to the call. In a post on X — formerly known as Twitter — the agency posted photos of the adorable kitty alongside the kind officer who helped save them.

According to CBS News, the kitten was found shaking and visibly scared when rescued from the side of the highway in California. Fortunately, the feline was rescued in time, as a vehicle could have run over them. Officer Bretz calmly saved the black kitten so as not to spook them. CHP also thanked the kind passerby for timely reporting, as there was a high risk of the kitty getting hit by a passing vehicle if they rushed onto the road.

In a similar case, another kitten was rescued off a freeway in San Ramona, California. The incident happened on June 28. A driver was kind enough to park her car on the side of the road and save her. However, this kitty had other plans. She got stuck under the dashboard while the Good Samaritan drove to a nearby shelter.

It took firefighters, a vet, and a mechanic to rescue the feline safely from her predicament. Fortunately, in this case, the rescuer plans to adopt the kitten after she is done with her medical exams. The vet has temporarily named her Gaz Pedal in honor of how she was found when they rescued her.

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