The Bangalore Cat Squad Rescuing Cats In India

The Bangalore Cat Squad is rescuing, feeding and helping cats in Bengaluru India, the capital of the Indian state of Karnatak.

They don’t have a lot of money or resources but they see a need and they are responding the best they can. The Bangalore Cat Squad started in 2015 but some of the Squad’s members have been rescuing cats for much longer than that. They now have 25 members and are hoping to create a network to help rescue more cats and get resources faster.

The cats and kittens that come in have a variety of medical needs and issues. The Squad members have to do everything from climb trees to bottle feeding kittens (even when they have no bottles). They are very resourceful.

A cat named Max came into the rescue after he fell on a transformer and lost two of his legs and vision in on eye and an ear. They rescued a pregnant cat from a man who was abusing her by burning her with cigarettes. They’ve rescued cats that have been poisoned, burned with acid, and used in witchcraft ceremonies.

It’s hard work and the cats don’t always want to be rescued. Rescuers get bit and scratched regularly, but that’s just part of the job.

Finding homes for these cats is also a difficult task. Most people prefer kittens but they work hard to find homes for the adult cats as well. They do a background check on all potential adopters and make sure the adopter is really ready for the commitment of caring for a cat or kitten. They also work to educate people on how to care for their cats as well.

Follow The Bangalore Cat Squad on Facebook for updates or to find out how you can help.

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