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Tips For Keeping Your Cat Warm & Safe In Cold Winter Weather

When the winter months arrive, it’s time to stay safe and warm. This is especially important for our furry friends.

While there are some very short-haired or hairless breeds, cats typically have warm coats, and mostly stay inside. But they can still get cold, and it’s important to pay attention to how your cat is affected by the temperature.

“Ensuring your pet has the correct bedding, coat, and general care will keep them comfortable throughout winter and reduce their risk of suffering from winter related illnesses, injuries, or diseases,” says PETstock Veterinarian Dr. Natalia Li.

Learn The Signs Of Trouble, & Protect Your Cat

The often wet and cold conditions in winter can cause hypothermia in pets. This disorder results in many symptoms including lethargy, shivering, stiff muscles, stumbling, or a low heart rate. When exploring in wet weather, monitor your precious feline closely for any of these symptoms. 

While the heat in summer can cause dehydration, so too can dry conditions in winter, so make sure your cat has easy access to fresh water. 

Even if your cat is a fluffy breed, remember that generations of domestication may have reduced their ability to withstand the elements. Before heading out to the snow, even fluffy cats should wear snow boots to protect their little toe beans from the cold.

Monitor your pet for signs of frostbite, especially in pets who haven’t previously experienced a colder climate. Signs include discoloration of the skin, swelling, blisters or ulcers, and pain when you touch the affected area.

When the weather is cold, many cats enjoy napping near heaters, which can lead to cats accidentally tipping them over. Ensure that your heater has an automatic shut off to avoid fire hazards. Make sure your cat is closely supervised to minimize the risk of heater burn.

Remember that the products you use to thaw ice can be toxic to your cat. Store them safely, and be sure to clean up any spills right away.

Harsh weather, environmental stress and a challenged immunity may put your cat at risk of developing cat flu. Keeping them warm and comfortable will help prevent this.

Get The Right Items To Keep Your Cat Comfortable

Winter is also a good time to provide a warm, soft, elevated bed, to keep your cat off the floor and out of drafts in cold weather. Put the bed in a warm room so they can snuggle up on their own whenever they want to lie down and rest. Pet beds are especially good for older cats with arthritis.

PETstock’s Winter 2021 product range boasts an impressive array of coats, jackets, sweaters, bedding, grooming supplies and more to help keep your furry friend warm and safe during these cold months. PETstock, a 100 percent Australian, family owned and operated business, offers products for pet comfort, fashion, and safety in winter. Click here to shop PETstock for your cat’s winter needs!

Also, remember to stock up on good cat food during the cold! Good nutrition will help them not only maintain a thick coat and support a strong immune system, but also avoid common winter ailments, like upper respiratory infections.

Keep your furry friend safe, warm, healthy, and stylish all through the cold winter months!

How do you keep your cat safe in winter? Have you stocked up on any helpful items to get your pet through the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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