Cats vs. The Wild: 10 Amazing Videos Of Cats Taking On Wild Animals

Our domestic feline friends often feel like tiny wild animals. They stalk prey like a big cat and even fight like they’re 10 times their size. But how do they hold up when faced with real wildlife? These videos will amaze you!

1.    Cat Faces Mountain Lion

In this video, a brave little kitty faces up to a ferocious mountain lion with just a thin pane of glass in between them. Pay close attention to the man’s commentary!

2.    Mugsy the Cat vs. Gators

If you thought the first video was intense, you haven’t seen anything yet. In this one, a house cat faces up to two alligators – without a protective window keeping them apart thank God.

3.    One cat vs. gator video not enough? Here a second:

Because, of course, one cat vs. gator video wasn’t enough. The question in this video should really be “please kitty, don’t eat the gator!”

4.    Hero Cat Saves Boy from Wild Dog

In this video, a house cat is every bit as good as a guard dog, maybe even better. Tara the cat knows no fear.

5.    Cats Facing a Possum at Night

This one’s a little lower key than the earlier ones on our list. It’s an intriguing insider’s view on how cats and possums interact at night.

6.    Amazing Cat Faces a BEAR!

This cat, once again, proves that some domestic felines operate even better than guard dogs. And some cats simply know no fear.

7.    Another Cat Scares Away a Bear

This cat has epitomized the “thug” life. Nothing’s going to get him down, not even a bear.

8.    Housecats Learn to Play Nice with Friendly, Orphaned Raccoons

You won’t see any fights in this one, just two completely different species learning to get along.

9.  A Unique Duo: A Cat and a Lion Cub

And here we have a cat and lion cub duo… They get along surprisingly well, considering their size differences.

10. And finally… An Unlikely Intervention Occurs when Monkeys Stop a Cat Fight

This amazing video shows monkeys stepping in and doing the humans’ jobs. Rather than a cat standing up to a wild animal, we see a group of monkeys policing a cat fight!

Break it up guys! Let’s all play nice. Has your cat ever taken on a wild animal?


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