6 Ways To Deactivate A Cat [VIDEOS]

When they’re not napping, cats can get into some trouble. From knocking your glass of water off the table, to sleeping on your hands when you’re trying to type, to plotting world domination. It’s enough to make you wonder if they have an “off” switch. Well as it turns out, they do. Here are some ways make a cat go catatonic. Remember, no kitties were harmed in the making of these videos. They may have been a little annoyed, though.

A Fashion Nightmare

Otto’s owners wanted to play a little “dress-up,” but he can’t handle this fashion faux pas. He immediately tumbles over, unable to face the world in wool. He’d rather show off the beautiful coat nature gave him. His owners try to help him up, but he simply won’t stand for the injustice.

The Cat Clip

This is a common trick used to get cats to relax. It doesn’t actually hurt the cat at all, it just simulates the way a mama cat picks up her baby cats. The clip on the back puts kitty into a relaxed state. It’s like hypnosis, and it’s an evolutionary advantage, as a mother cat needs to keep her babies out of danger. When they go into a relaxed state, they’re easier to carry to safety.

One Drink Before Bed

Sometimes you decide to have a nightcap, then the glass starts to look really comfortable. This cat can’t even make it to bed before he’s down for the count, nose in the glass. He’s even got a good snore going before the camera distracts him into wakefulness. He looks a little embarrassed, but he’ll probably be drifting off again soon.

Flowers In Her Hair

The cat in this video seems pretty interested in the song his owner is singing and the dancing flower she’s presenting to him. But then she does the unthinkable and puts the flower on his head. Suddenly the pink demon isn’t so interesting. Kitty manages to hide his entire neck inside of himself and does a great turtle impression.

The Cat’s In The Bag

Cats love to hide in bags and boxes, but when the bag is dropped over this cat, it’s lights out. The kitty flops over before wiggling his way back out. He looks a bit like he’s waking from a long nap and seems to be asking, “How long was I out for?” We’re glad he found his way out of the dark.


This kitty doesn’t need much to drift to dreamland. A few flicks to the bridge of the nose and forehead, and he’s down for the count. It’s hard to say if it’s hypnosis, or just so relaxing that the cat can’t help but fall asleep, but the video is strangely calming, so I’m gonna go take a nap.

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