What Does Being A Cat Lover Say About You?

The age-old fight between cat lovers and dog lovers isn’t about to end anytime soon. But the differences in their personalities and interests can be fascinating to study. Which side do you fall into? If you’re a little bit of both, then maybe you can apply the positive sides of both groups to yourself!

A Recent Study Tells an Interesting “Tail”

A study presented at the 2014 Association for Psychological Science revealed some interesting differences between cat and dog lovers.

Dog people tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Livelier and more outgoing
  • They like to follow the rules more
  • Less sensitive than cat lovers

Meanwhile, cat people displayed the following traits:

  • More introverted and sensitive
  • More open-minded
  • Non-conformists who prefer efficiency and expedience over rule-following
  • More intellectually curious

However, the study does have its flaws. It only followed 600 college students, for example, so it’s unclear if the sample size should be larger. In addition, it’s unknown if the personality traits would extend beyond the college years.

Environment Might Play a Role

It can be a chicken-and-egg scenario. Do cat lovers pick cats because they tend to be more introverted and like to stay home? Or do dog owners become more extroverted as they take their dogs out for frequent walks? Cats, meanwhile, might expand your social circle online, since so many people like to share cat photos on social media networks. Environment can certainly play a role in the differences between cat and dog lovers, but it’s not known to what degree.

Other Studies Have Shown Similar Findings

Back in 2011, a study about cat and dog people found that dog people are more extroverted than cat people, more conservative, and less likely to like puns. Cat people may also tend to be more neurotic, according to the study. Interestingly, a recent article by Psychology Today showed that the motives for owning pets is different. Dog lovers choose canines for companionship, while cat lovers choose felines for affection.

Looking for a State in Your Favor?

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you might be interested in living in a state that has more residents like you. CatTime published this article that shares exactly which states have more dog owners and which have more cat owners. Arkansas tops the charts for dog owners, and Vermont leads the way in cat owners.

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you’re changing a life by bringing a pet into your home. You’re giving an animal a loving forever home, and you’re also improving your own life for the better. Being an animal lover in general is a win-win for everyone involved!

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