Company Makes “Catios,” Outdoor Patios For Cats!

Many cat owners choose to keep their cats indoors at all times. Cars, wild animals, and strangers all pose a threat to outdoor kitties. But staying inside all the time might not be fore every cat. Some of them just want to get out and enjoy the good old outdoors. Well one company is making “catios”–outdoor patios that provide a safe, enclosed environment for cats.

The custom made catios from Catio Spaces come in a range of sizes and prices, but they’re meant to give cats a place to walk around outside, grab a cat nap, or just enjoy some fresh air. They usually have multiple places to lie down or climb, and some even come with their own areas for plants, especially cat nip.

Some of the catios even come with places for humans so sit around or take a nap. The designer believes that naps are good for humans, too, and the catio is a nice space to be outside with your kitty without having to worry about her running off or getting hurt. If I had the money, I’d be getting one for my cat!

Would you ever get a catio for your cat? Do you think your kitty would like to visit the outdoors once in a while? Let us know in the comments below!

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