Is It OK To Dress My Cat Up For Dress Up Your Pet Day?


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Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14th and you may be thinking dressing your kitty up in a cute bowtie or a sweater. But before you dress kitty up as, step back and think about your cat and his or her personality. Cats are more sensitive than most dogs, which is why you see far fewer cats dressed up for various holidays than dogs.

Some of you may already know that your cat does or doesn’t like to wear clothes or costumes but for those who are thinking of trying it for the first time here’s a quick guide to see if it’s right for your cat.

You Know Your Cat’s Personality Best

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If your dog is outgoing…the kind that runs up to meet every person who walks into your home…you may have a cat who would be suited for a costume or clothing. If you have a shy kitty who runs and hides when someone comes to the door, probably best to leave them as they are and enjoy the photos of other cats dressed up on the Internet

Test It Out

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If you start to put a garment on your cat and your kitty resists…that is a sign that your kitty is not the type of cat to wear things. Don’t force it. You can always photoshop a hat on your cat later.

What Garment Or Costume Is Best For Your Cat?

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If you’ve come to the conclusion that your cat is going to participate in Dress Up Your Pet Day take time to pick the right garment or costume. Don’t put a dog or human garment on your cat. You need a costume that will fit your cat’s body. A simple bow tie is a simple costume that many cats are okay wearing for a little bit. They are also adorable.

Whatever type of costume you end up choosing, don’t leave your cat alone in a costume. A cat can get herself all twisted up in a costume – even a hat – and it can be dangerous and even deadly to any cat. Get your pics and take the costume or garment off of your cat so they can get back to being a cat!


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