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Oregon Considers Bill To Give Tax Credit For Pet Adoptions

Oregon State Senators Peter Courtney and Alan Olson are sponsoring a bill that could encourage more people to adopt animals in need of forever homes. Senate Bill 326 would give a tax credit of up to $100 for citizens who want to rescue a pet from a shelter.


The Humane Society of the United States has endorsed the bill that would help new pet owners offset some of the costs of adoption fees, microchipping, vaccinations, medical issues, food, and supplies that come with rescuing an animal. Senator Courtney said, “By adopting from a shelter or rescue group, an animal’s life is being saved. A human’s life is made richer.” A bill that encourages this would be a great thing.

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)
(Picture Credit: Getty Images)


Opponents of the bill, however, note that the state would need revenue to fund the tax credits, and Oregon already has a $1.8 billion shortfall. This bill could eat up funding that could otherwise go towards education for children, for example. Oregon’s shelters and rescues already have a good track record for finding homes for animals, so the tax credit might not be necessary.

What do you think? Should Oregon pass a bill like this, and should other states follow the example? Or should the state consider other ways of encouraging pet adoption? Let us know in the comments below!

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