Black Cat Appreciation Day: August 17th [PICTURE GALLERY]

August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day

Do you have a black cat? Did you know that some people actually think black kitties are unlucky? Yeah… I know. Go figure. People can be ignorant and plain ol’ crazy sometimes. The truth of the matter is that black cats are amazing and incredibly lucky little critters! They will bring your household nothing but good fortune and happiness if you bring one into your home. Especially if you adopt one.

Black Cats Are Good Luck

If you don’t have a house panther of your own, you should consider getting one as soon as possible to increase your good fortune! We could all use more luck these days!

Do you have a little house panther? Where did you get your black kitty? Did you adopt your black kitty? Was your cat a kitten or an adult when they came into your life? Please post pictures in the comments below!

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Black Cat Appreciation Day