Grey Cat licking the bottom of a glass jar.
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‘Bedford Cares’ Organization Saves Virginia Cat With Head Stuck In Jar For 3 Days

In Altavista, Virginia, a stray cat was saved from certain doom by Bedford Cares, a local non-profit spay and neuter organization. They set out to trap the cat after hearing a report that the poor feline had his head stuck in a jar.

Several individuals had attempted to catch the cat for three days. That amount of time without food or water was spelling certain doom for the feline. Luckily, reaching out to Bedford Cares was the right thing to do.

Despite being an hour away, trapper Janice Goff Stevens rushed to help as soon as Bedford Cares received word about the stray cat.

Captured & De-Jarred

Stevens was able to successfully capture the cat and immediately brought him in to be de-jarred. From the photos, it certainly looks like it was quite the effort.

Upon removal, the now visible and beautiful feline was quite thankful.

From there, the cat was properly cared for. Medical care was provided, including neutering, and he received a proper (and apt) name — PBJ. Once looked after, the cat was released back into the neighborhood in Altavista where he resides.

Love From The Bedford Cares Community

Based in Bedford, Virginia, Bedford Cares is a non-profit organization dedicated to the trap-neuter-return model of managing the feline population.

Bedford Cares posted about PBJ’s rescue on their Facebook page. The local initiative received over 70 comments from feline lovers proud of their intervention.

Most of the love was directed at Stevens, who drove over an hour each way in order to rescue the cat. Some seemed boggled about how she was able to trap the cat. Trapping usually involves luring the cat with smells — difficult to do with the cat’s head in a jar!

Whatever she did, we sure are happy that she was inventive enough to do so.

(Stock Picture Credit: Paula Daniëlse/Getty Images)

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What do you think about Bedford Cares going so far out of their way to help this feline? Have you ever come across a cat in a similar situation? Then let us know in the comments below.

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