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Abandoned Cat Sparks Outrage & Concern On Real-Estate Owner’s TikTok Video

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A Texas real-estate investor has set the feline lovers of TikTok ablaze with a video of what he thought was an abandoned cat, reports Newsweek. When walking through an apartment vacated by a tenant, he found the cat left behind.

In the comments, he clarified that upon further investigation that he discovered the tenant hadn’t finished moving out. But that didn’t do much to calm the masses, who saw how terrified the cat was in his video.

They continued to question him about the welfare of the cat, which he addressed in two follow-up videos.

Abandoned Cat, Or Just A Thoughtless Pet Parent?

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Felixjaimes9 posted the TikTok video in question. He, himself, expressed disgust over the state his tenant had left the apartment and over the cat he found left behind in a closet.

“They left the pet. He’s obviously scared,” Felixjaimes9 says as he shows the poor animal.

Feline lovers on the platform completely agreed in mass numbers — the TikTok has been viewed over 6.6 million times and received over 9,000 comments.

“That’s what happened to my chihuahua,” says Sarah Rose. “Almost 10 years later and she won’t leave my side if she sees me packing boxes. They never forget it.”

Later, Felixjaimes9 commented to update the situation, saying, “The tenant reached out and said she was still moving and did not abandon the cat. I would’ve never given her the cat back if she had abandoned him.”

@felixjaimes9Reply to @sam.ffr original sound – user8019181143846

Concerned TikTok users accused Felixjaimes9 of showing more concern for the apartment than the cat. In two follow-up videos, he addressed a few questions.

“I went in there and saw the cat in the corner of the closet, he was obviously scared, my heart broke for it,” he says. “Immediately I thought they left their cat behind, what kind of people do that… I thought they had just abandoned the place since they destroyed it.”

“She came back and got the cat,” he states. “When I came back the cat was gone.”

“I know there’s a lot of hate comments, there’s nothing else I could have done for this cat. I can’t tell the owner not to take their cat back, I can’t do that.”

How To Keep Moving From Traumatizing Your Cat

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Even for humans, moving can be a bit traumatizing. We, of course, have a greater understanding of what is happening and why. That understanding is the entire difference.

While there isn’t much you can do to increase your feline’s understanding of the situation, offers advice to minimize their anxiety.

“Cats are not known for their affinity for change,” they explain. “Most cats are highly territorial creatures who prefer to spend their days in a familiar environment and are resistant to new routines.”

On the day of the move, keeping their routine as close to the usual as possible is helpful.

A small meal on the morning of the move, for instance, helps them know their source of food isn’t changing. Additionally, a comfortable carrier placed in a quiet and familiar environment while all of the big alterations are occurring can keep them calm.

“By putting in the time and effort to reduce your cat’s stress while moving, you can help ease the transition and lessen the likelihood of your feline companion developing fear or anxiety-based behaviors in your new home.”

What do you think of the reaction to this situation? Do you think the tenants abandoned their pet, or was it a misunderstanding? Let us know in the comments below.

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