Top 13 pet-friendly cats

Almost all cats are friendly with humans, but how to they get along with other family pets, especially dogs. The CatTime Cat Breed Center has several different types of cats, with a breakdown of their various characteristics. Here are 13 cats that scored the highest — five stars — for Pet friendly in the Breed Characteristics (in alphabetical order). Just because a cat isn’t mentioned below does not mean he isn’t friendly toward other pets.

1. Abyssinian Cats

“What? He’s my friend too…”

2. Bengal Cats

3. Birman Cats

4. Cornish Rex Cats

5. Devon Rex Cats

6. European Burmese

7. Japanese Bobtail Cats

8. Maine Coon Cats

9. Ragamuffin Cats

10. Scottish Fold Cats

11. Siamese Cats

12. Siberian Cats

13. Sphynx Cats

You can find more information on these and other breeds in the Breed Center.

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