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Top 25 Grumpy Cat memes

Tuesday March 19th, 2013

By DogTime Staff

Everyone’s probably seen Tardar Sauce, or “Tard” – the feline better known as Grumpy Cat – and her pretty mug at one point or another. While this Snowshoe-Siamese mix may give the impression she’s stuck in a permanent state of unhappiness, the feline is actually quite playful. Here are 25 memes of the grumpy one — collected from the Internet — that will make you laugh, cry, or even wince from Tard’s unvarnished honesty.

Grumpy Cat meme with How many people got trampled on Black Friday this year? Not enoughfunny Grumpy Cat meme with The worst part of my Monday is hearing you complain about yoursfunny Grumpy Cat meme with All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. Good.funny Grumpy Cat meme with Yeah. I wrapped myself in anger, with a dash of hate, and at the bottom of it all is an icy center of pure terror. Go ahead. Tickle me one.. More. Time.funny Grumpy Cat meme with the cat surrounded by famous people The Grumpy Bunchfunny Grumpy Cat meme with Thise candy canse are making you fatterfunny Grumpy Cat meme with the cat dressed as Santa Claus with I will succeed where the Grinch has failedfunny Grumpy Cat meme with The only extra weight I need to lose is youfunny Grumpy Cat meme If you're happy and you know it I don't carefunny Grumpy Cat meme What my friends think I do. What my mom thinks I do. What society thinks I do. What my owners think I do. What I think I do. What I actually do.funny Grumpy Cat meme Love is in the air? Get out the gas mask.funny Grumpy Cat meme If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you I would be brokefunny Grumpy Cat meme with the cat being hels and the caption Oh yeah, loving this. Never been happier...funny Grumpy Cat meme with the cat on an examining table and the caption That thermometer should not have gone in therefunny Grumpy Cat meme with the caption Your tears give us strengthfunny Grumpy Cat meme with the caption The worst thing after waking up? Everything until I go to bed againfunny Grumpy Cat meme I'm not angry, I'm happiness challengedfunny Grumpy Cat meme This grass I'd like to bury you under itfunny Grumpy Cat meme You want to hear a joke about nitric oxide? Nofunny Grumpy Cat meme with the cat dressed as an eskimo and the caption eski-nofunny Grumpy Cat meme and the caption 3 people unfriended you Goodfunny Grumpy Cat meme with the caption You don't know you're beautiful because you're notfunny Grumpy Cat meme with the caption What doesn't kill you disappoints mefunny Grumpy Cat meme in two panels with a baby on the top with the caption I'm allergic to cats and Grumpy cat on the bottom and the caption goodfunny Grumpy Cat meme with the caption I had fun once it was horrible

Want to see more of Grumpy Cat? Take a look at a video of the feline during one of her more playful moments.

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