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Winner of CatTime’s Valentine’s Day Photo Contest

Thursday March 7th, 2013

We asked readers to show how they love their cat, and thanks to all who voted in CatTime’s Valentine’s Day Photo Contest. Katelyn Watkinson won the grand prize of a $100 Petsmart giftcard and a $500 donation to the non-profit 501c3 rescue or shelter of choice.

cute picture of a cat cradled in a human's armspicture of a cat plaing with a featherpicture of a cat in a cat bedpicture of a black-and-white cat and a childpicture of a white cat in a tuxedo and top hat sitting next to a stuffed gorilla toypicture of two cats snuggling inside a heartpicture of a white-and-grey kitten sitting on a bedpicture of a cat getting his ears scratchedpicture of a white-and-black cat stratching on a couchpicture of a Bengal cat asleep on a couch clutching a stuffed banana
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