A cat inside a book, a Massachusetts library is accepting cat photos for late book fees.
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March Meowness: Library Accepts Cat Photos for Late Book Fees

Cat lovers do not have to worry about overdue library books at this Massachusetts library. The Worcester Public Library (WPL) has launched a purr-fect solution for erasing those pesky fines. As part of their new program, people can bring cat photos to clear their outstanding balance on overdue library items.

Massachusetts library encouraging patrons with late book fines to send cat photos instead

The Worcester Public Library (WPL) in Massachusetts has launched the “Felines for Fee Forgiveness” program as part of its month-long celebration of “March Meowness,” as People reports. Throughout March, you can bring a photo of a cat, which will act as your late book fees. 

In addition, the library’s criteria for acceptable feline pictures are pretty flexible. As the library states on its website, Worcester librarians will gladly accept photos or drawings of pet cats, friends’ cats, famous cats, shelter cats, or any other pet.

Sharing online, the library said, “We will accept honorary cats as well, so you may show us a picture or drawing of a dog, raccoon, orca, capybara, or any other animal.”

They further added, “We understand accidents can happen, and sometimes fees might hold you back from fully using your public library. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate March Meowness at all of our Worcester Public Library locations.”

While the library’s cat-related guidelines are minimal, it’s important to note that the items eligible for fee forgiveness must belong to WPL. Additionally, the waived fees must pertain to items lost for at least two months. Accordingly, library staff will assess how cat photos will waive what fees. 

As it turns out, “March Meowness” is proving to be a roaring success, as per Boston.com. The WPL’s program has generated a wave of positive participation within days. Hundreds of returns have been generated, with random cat photos posted on the library’s Facebook page. Moreover, the library’s main building has established a “cat wall,” which includes many cat photos and drawings. 

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