A group of kittens, a rescue team extracted a cat and her kittens from a restaurant's ceiling.
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Cat & Newborn Kittens Rescued From Massachusetts Restaurant’s Ceiling

In a city in Massachusetts, a mother cat and her four precious kittens found themselves in an unexpected predicament. They were trapped within the confines of a local restaurant’s ceiling. Prompted by concerned employees who heard the faint cries of the kittens, the Animal Rescue League of Boston swiftly intervened. They rescued the cat and her kittens with safety and care. 

Mama cat and her kittens rescued from restaurant’s ceiling

This week, a mother cat and her four newborn kittens were safely extracted from the confines of a local restaurant’s ceiling, as NBC Boston reports. At a New Bedford eatery, concerned staff reported hearing faint cries of kittens, following which the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston swiftly responded to the distress call. 

As per accounts from restaurant staff and a local community cat feeder, the mother cat had been spotted on the premises a few weeks prior. However, her presence went unnoticed until the unmistakable sounds of her kittens caught the attention of those nearby.

Upon arrival, ARL field agents found the kittens through a gap in the walls and ceiling. With one agent providing guidance, the other carefully retrieved the four newborns, ensuring their safe extraction. 

Subsequently, they initiated efforts to capture the mother cat, employing food and simulated kitten sounds as bait. However, it didn’t work. Finally, they had to resort to a humane trap placed within the ceiling area, after which they reunited the feline family.

The cat family is currently under foster care, providing the mother cat with a tranquil setting to nurture her kittens. The three-week-old kittens will require time before they can separate from their mother and become available for adoption. In addition, plans are underway to spay the mother cat, making her eligible for adoption. 

According to an ARL spokesperson, “Community cats are incredibly resilient and have a knack for finding shelter … However, kittens born this time of year are incredibly vulnerable to … potential dangers.” Hence, they encouraged the public to contact the rescue organization’s field services at (617) 426-9170 if they find a cat with kittens.

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