Andee Bingham

    Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian

    Mobile veterinarian can help your cat get their annual wellness exam, as well as other treatments, without the stress of traveling. There are a lot of good reasons to choose a mobile vet that will make wellness exams and treatment easier for both you and your cat.

    by Andee Bingham
    June 2nd

    Why It’s Almost NEVER Okay To Declaw A Cat

    Many well-meaning people believe that declawing is an easy and relatively harmless way to fix their cat’s habit of scratching furniture. Unfortunately, this belief can lead to a lifetime of pain and trauma for the cats who undergo declawing procedures.

    by Andee Bingham
    January 7th

    5 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Senior Cat

    November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, so it’s a good time to go over preparing your home for an older feline, whether you plan to adopt or your current kitty resident is getting up there in years. Here are a few ways you can make your home more senior-cat-friendly.

    by Andee Bingham
    November 4th

    How To Choose The Best Cat Carrier For Your Cat

    Some cats make such a fuss about being in cat carriers that their parents let them roam freely in the car while traveling to the veterinarian. While this may seem like the most humane solution, it actually puts you and your cat in danger. Pick a safe, comfortable cat carrier, instead.

    by Andee Bingham
    August 17th
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