An adoption cat who has had the same owners / care takers for 20 years. She is very small, but in good health. She was living in Houston, and moved to the Florida Keys approximately 3 years ago.
(Picture Credit: David Natho/Getty Images)

Why You Should Open Your Heart To A Senior Cat This November

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and we cat lovers could not be happier about it! We know that kittens are adorable and hard to resist, but there is so much to love about a senior cat.

If you’ve been thinking of opening up your home to a new feline friend, then we urge you to look into adopting a sweet senior.

Here are five reasons senior cats rule.

We don’t want to shame anyone for wanting a kitten. We get it. But if you are thinking about bringing a furry friend home, please consider taking home a senior cat.

There are so many rescues that have senior cat programs, such as Jake’s Place, Good Old Tails, and Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue, that help find forever homes for older cats. Feel free to check out the seniors listed on CatTime’s adoption page, too.

If you want a cat, then consider saving a life by adopting a senior cat this month.

Will you help spread the word about Adopt A Senior Pet Month in November? Do you have a sweet senior at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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