Spaying or neutering your cat: Why it makes sense

You do your pet cat and cats all over the world a favor when you get it fixed–neutered if it is male and spayed if female. Fixing is a simple medical procedure that removes the reproductive organs of your pet cat, and it has surprising health benefits for male and female cats alike. 

A neutered cat does not suffer from testicular cancer; if neutered young, it reduces the chances of your pet cat spraying its scent marking on the wall and your favorite carpet. Also, a neutered cat is less likely to wander out in search of mates; this reduces its chances of contracting a disease or getting hit by a speeding vehicle. Fixing a cat also makes it less aggressive and it is less likely to come home injured after a territorial turf war. It is a misconception that neutering leads to obesity.

By fixing your cat, you ensure that at least you and your family are not contributing to the problem of stray cats. Every year, millions of cats are put to sleep and millions are abandoned because pet owners do not bother to neuter or spay their pets.

The procedure can cost anywhere between $30 to $175. Some vets may suggest a blood test to check the cat for blood sugar levels as well as liver and kidney health.

A three month old cat is ready for spaying; if you get your pet cat from a shelter, ensure that the animal is fixed. The surgery is a simple one and is over in minutes; usually general anesthesia is used. Do not give the cat any other vaccine or injection when it is undergoing the neutering / spaying procedure.

Cats do not take long to recover, usually a night’s rest sees them back to normal; however you need to ensure that the cat does not jump or run as the stitches and surgery wound need to heal. In a testicle removal operation, sutures are not required. All you need to do is to apply the prescription medicine that the vet recommends and see that chances of infection are minimized. The convalescence period may take a week. During this period do not hassle the cat; make it easy for the pet to use the litter box and provide it with fresh water.

Remember that by fixing your cat you are not just eliminating the risk of unwanted pregnancies; you are doing your pet’s health a world of good. If you have cat insurance taken out then you can easily get back a major percentage of the procedure expense.

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