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Do Female Cats Get Periods? What Are The Signs?

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether female cats have periods, just like humans?

Well, the short answer is yes, female cats do have periods, but there are some key differences between a feline period and a human period.

Here’s what you need to know about female cats and periods.

The Science Behind Cats And Periods

Female cats get periods, but while humans experience menstrual cycles, felines go through estrus. This is a process more commonly referred to as a cat going “in heat,” and this is the time when a female cat can become pregnant.

A female cat can start having her estrus cycle when she’s as young as four months old. In general, each cycle lasts around seven to ten days.

A female cat will experience an estrus cycle a number of times each year. If the cat doesn’t become pregnant during that time, she will go into heat again later on.

This cycle will continue until either the female feline becomes pregnant or is spayed.

What Are The Signs Of A Cat Having A Period?

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First of all, while a tiny amount of blood spotting might occur while your cat is going through her period, if you notice significant amounts of blood, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Most cat parents tend to recognize unusual behaviors in cats going through their heat cycle, rather than vaginal bleeding.

Here are some of the common signs you may see in a cat who is going through estrus:

  • During her period, a female cat will likely make a series of yelping and howling noises — a tactic used in the wild to attract mates.
  • A cat going through her period might also appear to be more affectionate, such as rubbing against your legs more and rolling around on the floor.
  • In some cases, a female cat on her period will spray urine around or even attempt to sneak outside in a bid to find a mate.

If you live with a cat who hasn’t had the spay surgery yet, you can try helping her through her period by providing extra toys that she can play vigorously with, or even using catnip as a way to soothe her.

Although these days, most vets advise spaying your female cat. CatTime recommends this soft recovery collar for kitties who go through surgery as an alternative to the “cone of shame.” Check it out to support our content!

For more information on cats in heat and what you can do if your female kitty is in her heat cycle, read CatTime’s advice here!

Has your female cat ever had her period? What were the signs, and what did you do to help her? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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