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Veraflox (Pradofloxacin) For Cats: Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects

Veraflox for cats is an oral suspension medication that has antibiotic properties. It’s actually a brand name for the drug pradofloxacin. Veterinarians usually prescribed it to help with skin conditions, including wounds and infections.

The medication works by targeting enzymes that bacteria need to reproduce. Although this is an FDA-approved medicine, you’ll need a vet’s prescription to purchase it.

You can easily buy Veraflox for your cat online from Chewy’s pharmacy with your vet’s prescription. Closely follow your vet’s instructions for the correct and safe dosage and frequency.

Here’s what you should know about the uses, dosage, and side effects of Veraflox for cats.

Uses Of Veraflox For Cats

Veterinarians generally prescribe Veraflox for cats to treat skin conditions.

The medicine’s antibiotic properties aid in the healing of abscesses and wounds that develop due to anaerobic bacteria. It does this by nullifying the enzymes that the bacteria needs to reproduce.

Dosage Of Veraflox For Cats

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The following is a guideline for typical use of the drug in cats and must not replace the advice of your veterinarian for your individual pet.

Veraflox for cats is usually prescribed at a dosage of 3.4 milligrams for every pound of the animal’s body weight. A syringe is used to administer the medicine by mouth once every day, and vets usually prescribe the medicine for seven days.

It’s important to always follow the dosage and administration instructions exactly as prescribed by your veterinarian. This also includes the length of time you must provide the medicine to your cat, even if symptoms appear to improve.

Side Effects Of Veraflox For Cats

When it comes to the potential side effects of giving Veraflox to a cat, vomiting and related gastrointestinal problems are most common.

The drug may also provoke an allergic reaction if the cat is allergic to fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

In the case of an overdose, you must contact your veterinarian right away.

Has your vet ever prescribed Veraflox for your cat? Did it help your pet recover? Then let us know in the comments section below!

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