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Can Cats Eat Seaweed? Is Seaweed Safe For Cats?

Can cats eat seaweed? You might have wondered this while preparing some seaweed for yourself to add to a healthy smoothie or to turn into a quick and refreshing side dish. If humans can eat seaweed, is it also safe for cats to eat?

The short answer is yes, cats can safely eat seaweed. In fact, seaweed can be a great addition to your cat’s regular diet if served safely and in moderation, and it can also help out with some common stomach and digestion issues that cats can suffer from.

As always, you must ask your vet before sharing any human foods with your pet. Here’s what you should know about feeding seaweed to cats.

How Is Seaweed Good For Cats?

Seaweed is not toxic for cats, and it actually contains a fair few nutritional benefits. Common types of seaweed include dulse, kelp, and wakame, and each type will offer its own range of vitamins and minerals.

Most beneficial of all, seaweed can work like an antacid for your cat and help minimize any indigestion issues or even heartburn that your feline might suffer from.

Seaweed is also considered to have a positive effect on the condition of a cat’s coat and skin.

How Can I Safely Give Seaweed To My Cat?

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First of all, make sure you’re only buying human-grade seaweed for your cat. Health food stores usually carry a range of seaweeds that are safe for humans and felines to eat.

Just be sure to double check the ingredients and make sure that the seaweed you chose doesn’t contain any additional preservatives or spices.

Also, only buy plain seaweed for your cat, as opposed to seaweed that has been processed into snacks or chips and might contain spices.

Secondly, serve your cat a small amount of seaweed. You might want to chop some up and add it to their regular food to start with.

Also, be sure to consider seaweed as something more like a supplement or a treat for your cat. Do not serve seaweed as the main part of any cat’s daily diet.

Does your cat love to eat seaweed? Have you ever given your cat a bite of it as a treat? Let us know in the comments section below!

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