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Can Cats Eat Green Beans? Are Green Beans Safe For Cats?

Can cats eat green beans? Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering this if your cat begged for a bite while you were in the kitchen chopping up some green beans to add to a meal. If humans can eat green beans, can cats safely eat them too?

The short answer is yes, cats can eat green beans. There are a number of health benefits that green beans confer on a cat, and in some cases, green beans can actually help with feline weight loss.

As always, you must ask your regular vet before sharing any human food with your favorite feline, including green beans. Here’s what you need to know about green beans and cats.

How Are Green Beans Good For Cats?

According to the ASPCA, green beans are not toxic or poisonous for cats. In fact, from a nutritional perspective, they pack a lot of fiber and also have a comparatively high level of protein for a vegetable.

As a bonus, green beans are often recommended to help cats who might be struggling with feline obesity and are looking to lose some weight.

You can use green beans as a healthy treat or add them to your cat’s regular meals as a supplement under the advice of your veterinarian.

How Can I Safely Give Green Beans To My Cat?

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First of all, stick to using fresh or frozen green beans. This is because canned green beans often have extra sodium added to them.

While some cats are fine to eat raw green beans, others might not enjoy the texture and find themselves having a harder time digesting raw vegetables. In those cases, you can boil or steam the green beans for a couple of minutes to help soften them up.

You can also chop up the green beans if your cat doesn’t seem to enjoy the idea of tackling an entire green bean whole.

When it comes to using green beans as part of a feline weight loss program, you must always consult with your veterinarian first and come up with a medically-approved plan.

In many cases, your veterinarian might suggest that you start by adding green beans in a ratio of ten percent to your kitty’s regular meals. You can then slowly increase the amount of green beans under the guidance of your veterinarian.

Does your cat love to chow down on some green beans? Have green beans helped your cat lose a few pesky pounds of excess weight? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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