A village kitten plays with a cherry on a wooden table.
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Can Cats Eat Cherries? Are Cherries Safe For Cats?

Can cats eat cherries? Maybe you’ve been eating your way through a bowl of fresh cherries and wondered whether your kitty could also snack on some. If humans can eat cherries, can cats safely eat them too?

The short answer is no, cats can’t safely eat cherries. While the flesh of a ripe cherry itself is not toxic to cats, both the pit and other parts of the cherry plant can be highly dangerous for felines.

Here’s what you need to know about cherries and cats.

Why Are Cherries Bad For Cats?

The actual flesh of a ripe cherry is not toxic to a cat, but almost every other part of the cherry and the cherry plant is. This includes the cherry pit plus the stems, leaves and any cherry blossoms.

The reason why cherries are dangerous for cats is due to the presence of cyanide. If a cat ingests cyanide, it can result in their body’s organs failing to properly carry oxygen around their system.

Some of the most common symptoms of cherry poisoning in cats include:

  • Having problems breathing
  • Pupils dilating
  • Going into shock

In the most severe cases, cherry poisoning can be lethal for cats.

Beyond cherry poisoning, the pit of a cherry can also become a choking hazard for a cat.

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Cherries?

Sleeping cat on an old wooden table in the summer garden next to a basket with cherries and flowers. Country cat resting in the garden, top view
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If you notice that your cat seems to be eating cherries or a cherry plant, ward them away from the source and also take a sample of the cherries to show your veterinarian. This is so that they can make an accurate diagnosis about the extent of any cherry poisoning.

If your veterinarian suspects cherry poisoning, they might take a blood sample and order tests on it. Depending on the cat’s symptoms, they might also make use of supplementary oxygen or an intravenous drip.

In general, it’s best to practice caution and prevention when it comes to cherries and cats, so don’t leave cherries or cherry plants around where your kitty can reach them.

Has your cat ever sneaked a bite of some cherries? Did they feel sick afterwards? Let us know in the comments below!

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