21 Cool Cat Facts To Share With Kids [WITH PICTURES!]

Seven years old reading about cat facts in a hammock with her cat on her lap.

(Picture Credit: Maica/Getty Images)

Kids love cat facts, and cat-loving adults do, too! Did you know that cats who fall five stories have a 90 percent survival rate? Do you know how fast a cat can run or how high they can jump?

Introducing kids to pets is a useful and important way to teach them to respect animals. Starting out with some cool, interesting cat facts can spark a lifetime of curiosity and care for felines. January 4th is National Trivia Day, which is a perfect time to share some fun tidbits about kitties!

Here are 21 interesting cat facts that kids–and grown-ups–may not know that can further immerse them in the feline world!

Teach Kids These 21 Cool Cat Facts!

Do you have an interesting fact about cats of your own? What are your favorite cat facts? Let us know in the comments below!

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