Cat Facts: 6 Things You Might Not Know About Your Cat’s Amazing Paws

Cat's paws

(Picture Credit: Mint Images – Norah Levine / Getty Images)

Felines are fascinating creatures for many reasons, and it turns out that a cat’s paws are filled with many curious and interesting abilities.

Those paws were made for walking, but that’s not all they do! There are tons of interesting facts about your cat’s amazing and adorable paws that you might not know.

Here are six facts about your cat’s paws that you probably haven’t thought about before.

1. Your Cat Sweats Through Their Paws

Cat paw and human hand

(Picture Caption: Anna Petrova Ilieva-Alikaj / EyeEm / Getty Images)

While you might not think that your lovable, furry feline goes around sweating buckets, cats do actually sweat–just not in the manner you might expect.

Basically, while humans have vital eccrine sweat glands all over our bodies, cats only have the glands on their paws.

This is why, during hot and humid months, you might see what looks like a trail of wet paw prints being left behind when your cat walks around.

2. Your Cat’s Paws Are Color Coordinated

Kitten holding up paw

(Picture Credit: by CaoWei / Getty Images)

Cats come in a fantastic range of colors, and it turns out their paw pads are also matched to their fur and markings. In general, you’ll find black cats possess black pads, white cats have pink pads, and gray kitties claim gray pads.

For multi-colored cats like Calicos and Torties, you’ll often see mixed-up color combinations on their paw pads.

3. Your Cat’s Paws Don’t Have Equal Digits

Close up of cat's front paws

(Picture Credit: Xuan Long Ho / EyeEm / Getty Images)

If you’ve got a tolerant enough cat, try taking a close look at their front and back paws. You’ll discover that the front paws posses five digits each, while the back paws only have four digits.

That is, unless your cat is polydactyl (see the next item on the list).

4. Some Cats Have Extra Toes

Close up of Hemingway cat

(Picture Credit: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor / Getty Images)

You’ve probably heard all about polydactyl cats, but if you haven’t, they’re kitties who are blessed with extra toes.

Polydactyl cats are often affectionately called Hemingway cats, and the writer Ernest Hemingway’s historic landmark home houses around 50 of these special kitties.

5. Your Cats Paws Act Like Protective Sheaths

Close up of cat's claws

(Picture Credit: Milan Petki / Getty Images)

Cats are blessed with retractable claws, and bringing those sharp spikes back into the toe pads helps keep them from getting caught on everything as they go about their daily feline business.

That way, their claws are still in good shape when they need to use them.

6. Your Cat’s Paws Are Smelly

Close up cat's paw

(Picture Credit: Daniel Diaz Santana / EyeEm / Getty Images)

Well, your cat’s paws aren’t offensively smelly.

Rather, your cat’s paws contain hidden scent glands, and when your feline scratches their cat tree or does that biscuit making thing, they’re also marking their territory with their scent.

Were you surprised by any of these cat facts, or did you already know them all? Do you have any interesting info to share about your own cat’s paws? Then tell us all about it in the comments below!