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Is It Dangerous To Let My Cat Lie In The Sun?

With the summer weather here again, your kitty might be taking full advantage of the sunshine. Longer days means more time to lie in the sunny spots next to the window. But is it safe to let your cat lie in the sun all day?

by CatTime
July 9th

Constipation In Cats: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Constipation is a relatively common problem in cats. It is most frequently seen in older cats but can occur at any age. Even though it is common, you should take it seriously if your cat shows symptoms. When cats suffer from constipation, their colons absorb water from the feces stored there. This makes their stools […]

by CatTime
July 5th

Cat Facts: 5 Amazing Ways Your Cat Stays Cool In The Summer

While the rest of us humans are dripping sweat and standing in front of window air conditioner units to stave off the summer heat, cats seem to have a cool head about it all. Cats may not pant like dogs or sweat like humans, but they do have some pretty interesting and clever ways of staying cool.

by Maggie Clancy
June 21st

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream? Is Ice Cream Safe For Cats?

July is officially designated as National Ice Cream Month. But have you ever been in the middle of enjoying your ice cream of choice only to suddenly wonder, “Can my cat eat ice cream too? And will it be safe?” Let’s get to the bottom of this dairy dilemma.

by Phillip Mlynar
June 18th

Can Cats Eat Corn? Is Corn Safe For Cats?

Can cats eat corn? The short answer is yes, cats should be fine if they eat small amounts of corn. However, it is best left as a sometimes treat for kitty, not as a regular part of their diet. Here’s what you should know.

by Phillip Mlynar
June 13th

Summer Deck And Catio Safety For Cats

When the warmer months start to show up, we’re more likely to take advantage of any outdoors spaces we have in our living situations. This can also apply to indoor cats if you take the steps to construct a safe and secure catio for your feline or grant them monitored time on the deck.

by Phillip Mlynar
June 12th

International Sushi Day: Can I Feed My Cat Sushi? Best Not!

Depictions of cats in children’s books and cartoons usually show us that our beloved felines feast on a diet of nothing but freshly caught raw fish. However, as we gear up to chow down on International Sushi Day, let’s look into whether it’s safe to share your sushi with your kitty.

by Phillip Mlynar
June 7th

How To Safely Remove A Tick From Your Cat

The best way to protect your cat from ticks is to prevent ticks from being able to use your cat as a buffet. But let’s say you have found a tick on your cat. How exactly do you go about removing it? Here’s how to do it safely.

by Maggie Clancy
May 23rd

6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Cat Parent

You might consider cats to be low maintenance pets, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to get complacent. Here’s a checklist of things to do right now to make yourself a better cat parent.

by Phillip Mlynar
April 30th

Blood In Cat’s Urine: What It Means And How To Treat It

If you notice blood in your cat’s urine–known as hematuria–it’s not just shocking. It can also make you terrified for your kitty’s health. That said, you’ll be relieved to know that most issues that cause blood to appear in feline urine are easily treatable and resolve quickly.

by CatTime
April 25th

Banana Day: Can Cats Eat Bananas?

April 17 is officially recognized as Banana Day! You’ll probably be happy to know that most cats can occasionally eat bananas without problems, but there are exceptions. Here’s what you should know about cats and bananas.

by Phillip Mlynar
April 11th

Are Lilies Dangerous For Cats?

This is especially important to talk about around Easter, as many people bring home Easter lilies without considering the danger they present to pets. If you have cats in your family, read on and think twice about bringing those beautiful lilies home!

by CatTime
April 2nd

6 Vital Steps To Take If You Don’t Agree With Your Vet’s Diagnosis

It’s hard to deal with potentially heartbreaking–and expensive–news in the heat of the moment. However, there are some steps you should consider taking when you’re faced with a vet’s diagnosis that you weren’t expecting or don’t agree with.

by Phillip Mlynar
March 27th

6 Cat Grooming Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

We all know that cats are naturally clean creatures. Your favorite feline is skilled in the art of using a wet tongue and paw combo to clean themselves. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip putting a regular grooming regime into place.

by Phillip Mlynar
March 22nd

St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips For You And Your Cat

Shamrocks, parades, pots o’ gold, green beer—they’re all part of St. Patrick’s Day! But there are a few hazards all cat owners should keep in mind before their festivities—and we aren’t just talking about leprechauns.

by CatTime
February 28th

Happy World Spay Day: Time To Get It Done

World Spay Day is observed on the last Tuesday in February every year. TIt’s a day to promote awareness and encourage pet owners to have their female animals spayed–as well as neutering their male pets–to keep the pet population under control.

by CatTime
February 18th
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