Fur Laughs: Annoyed Cat Bites His Human Oh-So-Slowly [VIDEO]

We’ve all felt the fangs of a feline chomp at some point. That’s especially true when our kitties get annoyed, like the cat in this video! When the cat’s human starts moving his leg into kitty’s personal space, the funny furball slowly moves his mouth in for a quick bite!

by CatTime
April 28th

Cat Carriers: Which Kind Is Right For Your Cat?

If there’s one purchase every cat family needs to make, even before bringing home their adopted cat, it’s a cat carrier. These portable kennels make it easy to transport your cat safely, whether that’s for a trip to the vet, a move, or a vacation.

by CatTime
April 24th

Can Cats And Bearded Dragons Be Friends?

Bearded Dragons, or “Beardies,” are making their way into the homes of Americans; even though, they tend to be a little more exotic. The Bearded Dragon and the domestic cat are, therefore, bound to cross paths and be introduced; but can they be friends? Here’s what you should know.

by Johnathan David
April 23rd
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