Helping Your Shy Cat Feel More Comfortable

Some cats weren’t well socialized as kittens, or they may simply have a genetic predisposition to shyness. If your cat is shy, you probably won’t ever turn them into a social butterfly, but you can take steps to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

by CatTime
1 Hours Ago

Tips For Choosing A Boarding Facility For Your Cat

If you can’t take your cat with you and can’t find a cat-sitter on short notice, it’s good to have a reputable boarding facility on standby in case you need it. Here are some tips for finding a good boarding facility that will care for your cat while you’re away.

by Cricket Lee
22 Hours Ago

4 Inexpensive Ways To Create Extra Room In Your Home For Your Cat

Is your feline feeling a bit cramped? Cats can really benefit from a few simple additions to their homes, such as well-place cat beds and blankets, boxes and condos, ramps, walkways and steps, and cat doors. Here are a few inexpensive changes you can make to give your cat more space.

by CatTime
November 19th

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe In A Natural Disaster

Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can occur without warning. Evacuation procedures have improved in recent years, and more plans are including pets. As a pet parent, your disaster plan should includes all of your family members, including non-human ones.

by CatTime
November 19th

The 5 Best Cats Featured In Walt Disney Cartoons And Movies

Did you know that the first Monday in December every year is officially recognized as Walt Disney Day? While Mickey Mouse might be Disney’s most recognizable calling card, the company’s animation vaults are also littered with beloved felines from iconic movies and cartoons. Here are the best Disney cats!

by Phillip Mlynar
November 18th

How To Have A Happy & Safe Thanksgiving With Your Cat

Although holidays often buzz with fun and commotion, they can be scary, or even downright dangerous, for cats. However, a host can make a Thanksgiving Day celebration safe for cats relatively easily with a few simple precautions.

by CatTime
November 13th

5 Thanksgiving Experiences Cat Owners Are All Too Familiar With

The table is set and the turkey is cooked to perfection–and somehow your cat has turned your intricately folded napkins into a new scratch toy. Cat owners have a unique Thanksgiving experience; no question about it. Here are five Thanksgiving traditions that cat lovers are all too familiar with.

by Maggie Clancy
November 12th

Top 5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Cats And Cat Lovers

Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with friends and family, and that includes our cats. But some parts of our Turkey Day celebrations just aren’t safe for our feline friends. Before you defrost the turkey and welcome guests, read these Thanksgiving safety tips all cat lovers should keep in mind this holiday.

by CatTime
November 8th

Why Do I Feel Anxious About Adopting A Senior Cat?

November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and you may want to celebrate by bringing home an older kitty. Here are some concerns you might have about adopting a senior cat along with a few things to consider that will put your mind at ease.

by Phillip Mlynar
November 6th

6 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe On Halloween

It’s our duty as pet parents to keep our fur babies safe on Halloween. The following tips can help you protect your animal family during this holiday, which is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for pets.

by CatTime
October 31st

Cat Safety: 7 Hidden Dangers Of Halloween

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season for us humans, but did you know that next to the 4th of July, this October holiday is the most dangerous time of year for our pets? Here are some things to watch out for and safety tips to guarantee your cat stays out of danger

by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
October 31st

Black Cats: Halloween Hazards, Motivating Myths

Black cats have never had it easy. In some cultures–and for many individuals–they represent bad luck or misfortune. Perhaps most disturbingly, black cats are also sometimes targeted around Halloween for teasing and abuse–or worse.

by CatTime
October 31st

6 Ways To Connect With Your Cat On A Deeper Level

Telling people that you love your cat while showing them an endless stream of camera phone pictures is all well and good. But to what extent have you really bonded with that special feline in your life? And how can you strengthen the connection between you and your cat and take it to the next level?

by Phillip Mlynar
October 28th

Why Do Cats Bite? What Can You Do About It?

Even the sweetest cat might nip or bite if the occasion arises. The reasons for this behavior make sense to the cat, even though it may seem unprovoked to you. Here are a few possible explanations for your cat’s biting, along with a few possible solutions for curbing the unwanted behavior.

by CatTime
October 23rd

5 Ways to Stop Cat Aggression And Bad Behavior

Cats can become overly stimulated with too much pent-up energy and no good way to release it. Causes range from boredom to feeling insecure and even to stray cats getting too close to your property. Whatever the cause, these five solutions to aggression can make a huge difference in calming your kitty.

by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
October 16th

Be Bald And Free Day: 7 Hilarious Hairless Cats Of Instagram

October 14th is Be Bald And Free Day, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate our hairless kitty friends. They’re rockin’ the bald look, and the results can be very entertaining! Here’s a roundup of seven standout hairless cats from Instagram that you won’t be able to stop staring at.

by Phillip Mlynar
October 9th

Feline Obesity Is Your Fault, Not Your Cat’s

October 9th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, but I get angry when someone shows me a picture of an obviously obese cat at any time of year. It’s because the root cause of the problem is the cat’s owner, and feline obesity says more about that owner than the cat.

by Phillip Mlynar
October 8th

National Feral Cat Day: What You Need To Know

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. Whether you call them stray felines, outdoor cats, or community kitties, one thing is for sure–feral cats are still one of the most misunderstood animal groups in the United States. Here’s what you should know.

by CatTime
September 30th
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