7 Ways To Tell That Your Cat Loves You!

Cats may not always run to the door with their tails wagging when you get home, like dogs do, but they have plenty of other ways they show their love. The traditional stereotype of cats being stand-offish and aloof is quickly being shattered by videos and stories of loving, caring cats. But cats do have a language that is uniquely theirs. This means that your kitty could be saying “I Love You” and you might be missing it! Here are seven ways that your cat might be expressing her love.

1. Grooming You

Don’t think it’s weird if your cat starts licking your hand or your feet, as if she’s trying to clean you. She’s probably trying to help you look your best! Mother cats groom their kittens and sibling cats often groom each other. If your cat is trying to groom you, it’s because she considers you part of her family.

2. Slow Blinking

Slow blinking is a sure sign that your cat loves you. A slow blink consists of your cat staring at you and then blinking very slowly. It’s a sign of love or trust – almost like a kiss! Many cat behaviorists say that if you slow blink back, you’re communicating your love via your cat’s language.

3. Tail Raised

Cats communicate a lot about how they’re feeling through the way they hold their tails. A puffy tail is a sign of fear or aggression and a low tail is a sign of insecurity. But a tail raised straight up into the air or ending in a question mark is a sign of happiness and confidence. If your cat walks around with her tail raised proudly, she’s happy and content to be by your side.

4. Lying Belly Up

Cats won’t expose their bellies to just anyone because doing so makes them vulnerable. If your cat flops down on the ground in front of you and rolls onto her back, it’s a huge sign of trust and love. But be cautious and don’t take the exposed belly as a sign that she wants you to actually pet her belly. Some cats are fine with this, but some cats will turn all claws when you try.

5. Following You Everywhere

Some cats are so attached to their owners that it’s almost like they imprinted on you. If your cat follows you around like a little duckling, this is a definite sign of love and you’re one very lucky cat owner. But don’t despair if Kitty doesn’t do this. Your cat still loves you; she’s just a little more independent.


(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

6. Head Bunting

Cats like to “mark” their territory by rubbing their head, cheeks, or bodies against something they claim is theirs. So if kitty is head bunting your hand or rubbing against your leg, this is your cat’s way of claiming you as her own.

7. Trills and Vocalizations

Some cats are more vocal than others. If your cat has developed a special “trill sound” for talking to you, you can definitely take this as a sign of love. She may announce her presence with a trill or make the sound when you come home. These trills are signs that your cat is really happy that you’re here and she wants to let you know.

There are many other ways that your cat may show her love, but these are seven sure signs to notice. Cats are very affectionate creatures, even if they don’t always act in the same overt ways that dogs do. You can develop your bond with your cat by playing with her, petting her, brushing her, and giving her catnip and treats.