10 Ways To Show Your Cat Love On Valentine’s Day

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Most of us aren’t surprised when we hear that up to 90 percent of pet owners include their pets in holiday celebrations —especially Christmas. Whether or not they know it’s a holiday, including them in gift buying shows our pets are part of our family. So, for Valentines Day (which is quickly approaching), are you wondering what to do for your favorite feline? You should be! But never fear! Here are some delightful ideas:

1. Take A Nap With Your Cat

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Most cats relish the opportunity to snuggle with us. Sadly, for many of us, the only time this happens is when we collapse into bed after a long day. So, if your cat likes to snuggle, put on a movie or CD, lie down on the couch and surprise her with a snuggle-fest.

2. Get Your Cat A New Toy And Play With Your Cat

Toys are fine but what your cat really wants is quality time with you! Also cat’s love tablets, you can download a cat toy app and watch your kitty go to town! Plus there are about a million ways to make your cat a toy for free out of items in your own home.


What’s her favorite treat? Buy her a new bag and make a big deal of opening it for her. Stroking her as you hand her a treat. Let your kitty know that you love her.

4. Groom Your Kitty

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Some cats love to be brushed, others not so much. But whether it’s two minutes or 20, this type of focused attention will be appreciated. Be patient and let her tell you how much she’ll tolerate. Remember to use soft brushes on faces, legs, and feet. One caveat: she may like it so much she’ll be after you for more…

5. One word: Tuna

While human-grade tuna isn’t good for cats on a consistent basis (it lacks the vital nutrients that cat-tuna has) if your cat is a tuna lover, get her a can for dinner on the big day. If you can find salt-free tuna at a natural grocer, all the better.

6. Fashion & Accessories

Why not get her a coat or sweater? Even is she’s strictly indoor, she may appreciate an extra layer. February is a cold month in a lot of places. How about a new collar? Make sure she’s got a tag with your contact info on it too, and make sure that your cat is wearing it anytime she goes out of the house — even for trips to the vet, or if you are moving to a new apartment or home.

7. Videos For Cats

How about watching cat videos with your cat! Google the phrase “videos for cats” and you’ll get a variety of choices. For some fun and sweet entertainment for yourself, sit with your kitty and watch the videos as well. Your cat wants nothing more than to cuddle up in your lap and spend time with you.

8. New Scratching Post

If you’d like to go all out, how about a new scratching post? There are some pretty cool designs on-line these days, from dog-shaped posts to tall towers that let her get a good stretch while she claws away and you can always make one yourself. There are many tutorials online.

9.Visit The Vet

Although your cat may not agree, a check up at your vet is a way to say, “I Love You,” An exam, some blood work perhaps, and a dental check-up can alert you to problems or changes that can be prevented or addressed before they become serious.

10. Leaving A Legacy

How about leaving a legacy? Consider making a donation in your cat’s name to a local, state or national animal shelter, rescue group or foundation. Do some research and find one that seems right for the two of you.