Happy Father’s Day: 7 Great Gifts For Cat Dads

If there’s a cat dad in your life, don’t forget him this Father’s Day. It’s coming up on June 16th, which is this Sunday! Show the cat dad in your life just how much you love him with these awesome, thoughtfully-selected gifts.

by Julia
June 14th

10 Paw-Some Mother’s Day Gifts For Cat Moms

Cat moms take care of their kitties all year long, and they deserve a special day in their honor. If you haven’t done your Mother’s Day shopping yet, there’s still time to get a gift your cat mom will appreciate. Here are ten gifts for cat moms that you can buy in time for Mother’s Day.

by Krista Kumpf
May 10th

Great Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day With Cats

You’re probably aware that May 12th is Mother’s Day this year, right? But even if you’re not a mom or don’t know any moms of human kids, we can still celebrate the holiday as a feline-focused occasion to honor all the cat moms out there! Here are some great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with cats.

by Phillip Mlynar
May 7th

10 Best Cat Mamas For Mother’s Day [VIDEOS]

Mama cats are there from the very beginning, from nursing their kittens to teaching them how to play, stay safe, and develop their natural cat instincts. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are ten videos of mama cats and their kittens.

by sarah Greenwald
May 6th

Easter Safety Tips For Cat Owners

It’s important to be extra cautious and vigilant during events where there are a lot of people and distractions. Easter is no exception. Here are a few Easter safety tips for cat owners to keep their furry family members out of danger.

by Mike Clark
April 17th

How To Make DIY Cat Toys For Easter [VIDEOS]

You don’t have to be a DIY master to be able to make some amazingly simply and fun cat toys for Easter–or any time of year! Here are some DIY Easter cat toys you can make for your furry best friend.

by CatTime
April 9th

7 Cat-Themed Easter Basket Stuffers For Kitty Lovers

Easter is nearly here, which means it’s time to start thinking about what Easter basket stuffers the big bunny will bring. Naturally, you’ll want to tailor this year’s basket to be all about your cats.

by Phillip Mlynar
April 1st

30 Cuddly Kittens For National Cuddly Kitten Day

March 23rd is National Cuddly Kitten Day! We decided to celebrate this very special day with a gallery of 30 of the cuddliest and cutest kittens on Instagram. Don’t forget to take pictures of your own cuddly kitten!

by Julia
March 5th

Laugh And Get Rich Day: Check Out How Cats Are Celebrating

In honor of Laugh and Get Rich Day on February 8th, here are five cats who are strictly about their cash and showing off their expensive lifestyles. They might make you laugh, but getting rich is up to you.

by Phillip Mlynar
February 5th

5 New Year’s Resolutions Cats Will Absolutely Break

As you’d imagine, this idea of skipping out on New Year’s resolutions is something that cats are all about, just like us humans. Here are five new year’s resolutions that cats are guaranteed to break within minutes.

by Phillip Mlynar
January 1st
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