Happy Father’s Day: 7 Great Gifts For Cat Dads

A cat checking a Christmas present in a golden box with black ribbon

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If there’s a cat dad in your life, don’t forget him this Father’s Day. It’s coming up on June 16th, which is this Sunday!

We love all the kitty daddies out there who take care of their favorite felines all year long. They deserve a day to feel special!

Show the cat dad in your life just how much you love him with these awesome, thoughtfully-selected gifts.

1. Best Cat Dad Ever Shirt

best cat dad shirt

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This shirt is the coolest! Surely, your cat dad will feel like the life of the party, wearing this t-shirt to BBQ’s and gatherings all summer long.

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2. Cat Dad Coffee Cup

cat dad mug

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Oh my gawd, Becky, look at this great cat dad coffee mug! Your proud cat dad can let his coworkers know in a subtle way that one or three or more cats rule his world!

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3. Socks

cat socks

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The cat dad in your life will be rocking the office in these attention-stealing socks!

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4. Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

cat grass growing kit

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Who wouldn’t be excited to open this? No one I know! This organic pet grass growing kit is sure to be a hit for cat dad and kitty!

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5. Aluminum Water Bottle With Assorted Caps

best cat dad water bottle

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Help your cat dad stay hydrated all summer long. Whether he’s on a hike, taking a long car ride, or watching a sporting event, this super cool aluminum water bottle will help him beat the heat.

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6. Cat Dad Swim Trunks

cat galaxy swim trunks

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

The cat dad in your life is sure to make a splash at the pool or the beach wearing these sweet kitty astronaut swim trunks.

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7. Best Cat Dad Ever Lined Notebook

best cat dad notebook

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Simple gifts are sometimes the best. This notebook is perfect for the cat dad who has everything. After decades of clicking away on computers, people are enjoying notebooks right now more than ever!

Buy it on Amazon here!

Happy Father’s Day to all the cat dads out there! Your cat’s life is way better for having you as a dad.

Should any other items be on our list? Let us know which item you like the best in the comments below! We would love to hear back from you.

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