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How To Make DIY Cat Toys For Easter [VIDEOS]

You don’t have to be a DIY master to be able to make some amazingly simple and fun cat toys for Easter — or any time of year!

As proud pet parents, we tend to spend a lot on our furry family members. That’s especially true when it comes to splurging on gifts. There are so many Easter basket stuffers we want to give to our beloved kitties!

That said, sometimes our cats prefer the boxes their toys come in even more than the pricey toys. So we might as well save some cash and try making our own gifts for our cats. Homemade cat toys are simple, cheap, and can be made out of lots of household items.

Here are some DIY Easter cat toys you can make for your furry best friend.

DIY Easter Basket Stuffers For Your Kitty

All the toys in the video above are easy to make, and you probably have a lot of the supplies in your home already. Your kitty will have a blast playing with them, and you don’t have to break the bank!

Try making them!

Assembling Your Kitty’s Basket

Now that you’ve made some cool kitty toys, you can assemble your cat’s Easter basket for fun!

The video above has a lot of extra gift ideas to include with your DIY cat toys, just in case you do want to spend a little extra this year.

Happy kitty crafting!

And remember to keep your cats safe. Always supervise playtime and throw out any toys that start to fall apart. That’s especially true with plastic eggs that can break apart into easily-swallowed pieces. As the video above says, avoid any fake grass, too.

Are you going to make any toys for your kitty this year? Is the Easter Bunny planning to bring your cat a basket of goodies? Let us know in the comments below!

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