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Purr-Worthy Ways For Moms To Celebrate Mother’s Day With Cats

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You’re probably aware that May 8th is Mother’s Day in 2022, right? If you weren’t, you might have some last-minute shopping and planning to do!

But even if you’re not a mom or don’t know any moms of human kids, we can still celebrate the holiday as a feline-focused occasion to honor all the cat moms out there. After all, cats are members of the family!

Here are some great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with cats.

Enjoy Brunch With Your Cat

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Going out for brunch has become a classic thing to do on Mother’s Day, so why not flip the concept and stage a homestyle brunch with your cat?

While you settle down to a vegetable frittata, avocado toast, or kale salad, serve your cat a classy bowl of wet food — maybe one of those flavors with some brunch-appropriate tastes mixed into it. And maybe, just this once, set kitty’s bowl on the table and let them eat with you.

Treats should also be on offer as you look to fancy up your feline’s usual morning routine, so scatter a few of their favorites around to nibble on after they’re done brunching.

cat with wine
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Obviously you’ll also want a few Mimosas or Bloody Marys to wash down the food. But for your feline, there’s the sophisticated world of alcohol-free wines for cats to explore. Cat-bernets and Mus-cat-os are this year’s vintage of choice.

Embrace Your Inner Cat Mom

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Being called a cat lady used to be taken as an insult. But these days, the term has been reclaimed, and many cat lovers are also proud to call themselves cat moms.

The #CatMom hashtag on Instagram comes up with over a million pictures if you plug it in!

Showcase your cat mom credentials by sporting a t-shirt proclaiming your cat parenthood or by sipping your morning coffee out of a mug printed with “Cat Mom.”

Become A Surrogate Cat Mom!

woman with cat in shelter
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Here’s a sad fact: Most kittens who turn up at shelters are estranged from their moms. So why not use Mother’s Day as an excuse to channel your feline philanthropic side and offer to provide a foster or forever home to a kitten in need?

You could also provide some company to the cats as you visit your local cat shelter. You never know; your one-off Mother’s Day shelter visit might even turn into a regular volunteering gig. Of course, you should practice social distancing and call to see if your shelter is open, first.

How do you plan to spend Mother’s Day with your cat? Are you celebrating with any cat moms? Let us know in the comments below!

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