Cat Toys

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Cats love to play, and here are some items to chase, bat, or chase around the room:

Bergan Catnip Cyclone Track Cat Toy

Curiosity did what to the cat? In this case, kept him occupied during the workday or long stretches when you’re away from home. The idea is simple: Strategically place catnip in the center contraption. Movement from the exercise ball stimulates air currents, enticing your cat to check out the intoxicating aromas and challenging him to free the ball from its captive trap. Fun, interactive, and prey-drive safe.

Bergan Turbo Track

The Bergan Turbo Track is ideal way to keep your cat self-entertained, as she bats and chases the elusive ball over hills and around curves for a good workout. If she ever gets tired of a course, simply re-configure it via the twist-locking pieces. Each set contains one straight piece, two hill pieces, six curved pieces, and one ball to create five different courses. You can also purchase a second (or multiple) Turbo Track kits and combine them for one gigantic course with multiple balls.

Cats Claws Feline Flyer

Interactive toys provide a great opportunity to bond with your cat. The Feline Flyer simulates a bird in flight as it flutters through the air, activating kitty’s hunting instinct while providing loads of healthy exercise as Kitty leaps, pounces, stalks, and attacks the “birdie.” The snap chain connector allows you to keep things “fresh” by interchanging the dangling toy with others (sold separately).

FroliCat BOLT Laser Toy

An interactive laser toy designed to provide your cat with hours of entertainment. The Bolt has two different settings: an automatic setting with a 15-minute timer and adjustable mirror so you can point the laser where ever you’d like. Set on a flat surface, sit back and relax as the Bolt creates random laser patterns on your floor or wall for your cat to chase, jump and pounce on. And a manual setting where you hold the Bolt and create your own patterns and designs on the surface of your choice. Requires four AA batteries (sold separately).

Our Pet’s Play-N-Squeak “Ball of Furry Fury” Cat Toy

The Ball of Furry cat toy taps in to your cat’s natural hunting instinct while providing plenty of exercise. A plush mouse is suspended inside a flexible open ball and gives a realistic mouse squeak when moved or rolled. The Ball of Furry provides kitty with much needed mental and physical stimulation.