Celebrate Fall Hat Month With These Eye-Catching Cat Hats!

Fall Hat Month takes place during September of each year. It’s an occasion that humans celebrate by donning their fanciest — or wackiest — head gear. But while cats might not always enjoy being dressed up in a full outfit, there’s no reason your cat cannot get in on the hat wearing fun and games, right?

Here are five feline hat styles to inspire you to get into the swing of things.

Go Pirates!

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Embrace the spirit of the seafaring life by encouraging your cat to wear a classic pirate’s hat, complete with skull and crossbones. Swashbuckling shenanigans are guaranteed to ensue.

Pop On A Party Hat

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

If your cat happens to celebrate her birthday (or adoption day) during the month of September, then definitely pop a bright party hat on her head for the occasion. Just remember to serve a feline-friendly bowl of her favorite wet food alongside the cake.

Dig Our Your Santa Hat

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Who says Christmas comes but once each year? Celebrate the festive season all year round by persuading your favorite feline to dress up in a Santa hat. (A hat fashioned to look like a pair of reindeer antlers is another appropriate option.)

Keep Your Cat Hat Seasonal

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Fall marks the turning of the seasons as the weather starts to become colder. Naturally, you’ll want to kit your best kitty out for the season with her own warm wool knit bobble hat. As a pro tip, make sure to color coordinate the hat’s design to compliment your feline’s fur, like this Russian Blue who’s gone with a classy red head piece.

Tiny Kitten, Big Hat

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Finally, let’s finish celebrating Fall Hat Month with this wonderful picture of a very small kitten peeking out from under a much larger hat.

Does your cat like to wear hats? We’d love to see a pic in the comments below!