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Cat Names Inspired By The HBO Series ‘Game Of Thrones’ [NO SPOILERS]

Are you a new cat parent and Game of Thrones fan? Even though the series is over, it doesn’t have to be done. By naming your kitten after one of the shows awesome characters, the series can live on, right in your own home!

That’s right. We’ve compiled a list of the very best cat names that would be suitable for the soon-to-be ruler of your seven kingdoms. Direwolves not included.

Here are the best cat names from HBO’s Game of Thrones!

Cat Names Inspired By Game Of Thrones


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The kitty above is sitting in the Iron Throne like a true leader. Here are the best GOT cat names!

  • Tyrion–of house Lannister
  • Daenerys–of house Targaryen, AKA Stormborn
  • Cersei–of house Lannister
  • Sansa–of house Stark
  • Arya–of house Stark
  • Eddard–of house Stark
  • Catelyn–of house Stark
  • Gilly–a free folk mother from Crastor’s Keep
  • Tywin–of house Lannister
  • Missandei–a skilled interpreter and advisor
  • Jorah–of house Mormont
  • Samwell–of house Tarley
  • Theon–of house Greyjoy
  • Davos–AKA The Onion Knight
  • Brienne–warrior of the house of Tarth
  • Bronn–a dangerous mercenary
  • Podrick–squire to Tyrion and Lady Brienne
  • Renley–of house Baratheon
  • Joffrey–of house Bratheon/Lannister (depending which way you look at it)
  • Margaery–of house Tyrell
  • Tormund–one of the free folk, also called Giantsbane. Great name for a ginger kitty!

Curl Up And Catch Game Of Thrones With Your Cat!


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I thought I’d seen everything. A cat dressed as Jon Snow? I know nothing.

The awesome HBO series Game Of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin’s book series.

If you have not watched GOT yet, now you can cuddle up with your kitty and binge watch them all! Which is a smart idea, as you don’t have to wait for years and years for the next season. It took two years for the final season to even air, and I’ve forgotten who some the pivotal characters even are!

Also, if you do name your kitty after one of the awesome GOT characters, you will be the envy of everyone from the sandy shores of Dorn to the icy forests of Winterfell.

Which of these names do you like best? Do you have a cat with a Game of Thrones name at home? Let us know in the comments below, and tell me if I forgot a GOT name that would be awesome for a cat.

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