Top male and female cat names for 2010

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2010 has gone but has left behind memories and instructions for all of us. A lot of pet parents got their pets insured and there’s an important learning for new pet owners. If you want to save your dear pet from unwanted, avoidable distress, and lower pet care expenses, then pet insurance is a must.

But hey, to get pet insurance you need a pet and if you have a pet then you’ve got to give it a name. So, herewith we present you with the top marquee names for male and female cats – the ones that were most popular in 2010.

The beautiful thing with naming a cat and also the most exasperating one is that there are so many choices, because of the cat’s gender, size, coat color, breed, nature, a quirk perhaps?

Naming a cat is serious stuff.

We’re narrowing it down here for you. Use a name from here if you love it or use these cat names as a launching board to let your creativity soar, tumble and dive.

Orange cats are common and commonly loved, who hasn’t seen an orange tabby at someone’s home or foraging on the street. BTW, did you know that a high percentage of orange tabbies are males…tom cats!

So, if you have an orange kitten then consider Morris, Rusty, or Marmalade. I know you’re asking where’s Ginger? It’s there, don’t worry. This is one of those cat names that are not going anywhere anytime soon. A perennial favorite like a few others that we’ll soon see. And if it’s a tortoiseshell you can always call it Tortie.

Looking for a “different” name for your feline friend. Try Purr Diem, Chairman Meow, or Cleocatra. These were very popular cat names in 2010; used by pet owners looking for an amusing or wacky name for their cat.

Long-haired and thick-coated breeds had their individual representatives responding to witty monikers like Rapunzel, Harry, Fabio, Fluffy, Shaggy, and Samson.

Got a kitty that you know is going to grow up to be the Goliath amongst neighborhood domestic cats? Perhaps a Maine Coon, Savannah, Ragdoll or a Pixie Bob, then check from these names that ruled the roost for the big domestic cats – Bruiser, Tank, Hoss, Porky, Rocky, and Bilbo.

And if you believe that all good things come in small packages including cute cats then we’ve picked the best cat names from 2010 for your Munchkin, Balinese, Nebelung or Peter Bald. Choose from Tiny, Barbie, Minnie, Junior, Rambo, Pixie, or Dot.

If you the doting pet parent thinks that your pet cat oozes personality that the neighbor’s pet dog so sorely lacks then pick from Moxie, Bandit, Spike, Tiddles, Lady, Diva, and Tiger.

We wind off with the top ten cat names for male cats and female cats.

Top 10 cat names for male cats in 2010:

1. Spike

2. Max

3. Simba

4. Charlie

5. Toby

6. Oscar

7. Buddy

8. Tiger

9. Gizmo

10. Oliver

Top 10 cat names for female cats in 2010:

1. Lucy

2. Midnight

3. Molly

4. Bella

5. Princess

6. Samantha

7. Sophie

8. Misty

9. Pumpkin

10. Missy

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