Portrait Of Cat On Railing Against American Flag
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25 Patriotic Cats Celebrating The 4th Of July [PICTURES]

Some cats are born on the 4th of July. Others are just proud to have a loving forever home in the USA. The true American cats in the pictures below are showing off their patriotic side for Independence Day!

Make sure your kitty stays safe and away from the fireworks this year. Be responsible and have fun!

Check out Uncle Sam’s favorite kitties celebrating the 4th of July!

Aren’t these All-American kitties adorable? Sure, they don’t know the reason for the celebration. But they definitely enjoy all the pampering and attention their humans give them.

Hopefully these cats will be in bed before the fireworks.

Keep Cats Safe On The 4th Of July!

Remember to keep your cat safe this holiday. Felines don’t need to see fireworks. They’d much prefer to get to bed early.

If you’re planning on having a barbecue or get together, make sure your cat can’t snag any harmful foods or drinks. Keep the trash secure so they can’t dig around in it. Tell guests your rules and make sure they know not to let your kitty loose.

Too many cats end up in shelters on July 5th because they manage to get outside and bolt. It’s the busiest day of the year for most animal shelters because of this.

Keep your cat secure, and put them in a quiet room with music on during the fireworks so they can relax. Get some exercise with them during the day so they’re tired out and less anxious. Play some active games.

If your kitty wants to join in and show off on the 4th, you can pick up a cute holiday pet collar for your photoshoot. Have fun and snag a few pictures of your kitty with their patriotic spirit! Don’t forget to post it in the comments below, and have a happy Independence Day!

Is your cat celebrating the 4th of July? Are you keeping them safe and indoors for the holiday? Let us know in the comments below!

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