10 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Cat’s Christmas

angry cat

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Unless you’re some kind of Grinch, you want your kitty to have an awesome Christmas. But there are lots of mistakes humans make when it comes to celebrating the holidays with our feline friends.

You may not give much thought to these things, but your kitty will definitely notice, and you might end up ruining Christmas for your cat.

Here are ten ways you might totally ruin your cat’s Christmas without even being aware that you’re doing it.

1. Throwing Away The Boxes From Presents

Kitten in christmas gift box

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Your kitty may be lukewarm on the cat bed you spent your hard-earned money on as a Christmas present, but the box it came in is likely to hold your cat’s attention for much longer.

Boxes are actually good for cats and reduce stress, so don’t throw them out. Your cat will wonder why you’re getting rid of all the best gifts.

2. Dressing Your Cat Like Santa Or An Elf Or A Reindeer

Close-Up Of Cat Dressed As Santa Claus

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Most cats don’t like to play dress-up, and the ones who allow it are mostly just tolerating it for your sake. They may look cute with reindeer antlers or elf ears or a Santa beard, but your kitty is probably feeling pretty grumpy about the whole affair.

And any costume that covers their ears or whiskers affects their ability to sense the world around them. Wear the antlers yourself and leave your kitty out of it.

3. Letting Your Cat Climb The Christmas Tree

Surface Level View Of Cat Sitting By Christmas Presents At Home

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There are plenty of bright, shiny, dangly objects all over the tree, and your cat would love to play with them. You may think nothing of letting your kitty go for it and climb to the highest limb.

Well it’s all fun and games until a tree topples or a wire gets chewed or an ornament gets swallowed.

The Christmas tree can be a dangerous place for a cat. Best to keep your furry friend in another room.

4. Leaving Your Cat Out Of The Feast

Christmas Day and old black and white cat sniffs hopefully for a slice or 3 of roast turkey.

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Humans get the best food around the holidays, so why wouldn’t your cat be included on the feast? Buy some extra special cat food or make your own and give your kitty a special meal.

A pair of hungry eyes staring at your guests while you pass the ham doesn’t make the holidays bright. Make sure your fur baby’s belly is full and happy.

5. Forcing The Spirit Of Christmas On Your Cat

A girl posing for a Christmas card wearing a candy cane head band holding a black cat wearing moose antlers.

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Christmas is a time of love and giving, but being overly loving and giving can stress your cat out.

Chasing your cat around for extra holiday love and snuggles or to pose for your annual holiday card might make you feel more Christmas cheer, but your kitty isn’t going to be too happy about it, and you don’t want your fur baby to grow up to be a real Scrooge about the holidays.

6. Motion Controlled Decorations

White cat on windowsill next to Christmas tree and toy Santa and sleigh.

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Motion controlled decorations that activate when someone passes by freak me out as a human, so I can only imagine what a cat must think when these annoying music machines start blaring carols at the slightest sign of movement.

Chances are good that these will annoy your cat at best and send them hiding under the bed until the New Year at worst.

7. Having All The People Over

Laughing couple with their cat at home

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Most cats can do without strangers that they see once a year, the opening and closing doors, the kids running around, the feet stamping and not watching where they’re going, and all the other things that come with holiday guests.

A low-key Christmas will be much better for kitty’s nerves.

8. Hanging Out With Another Cat At The Christmas Party

Pretty young woman hugging cat against Christmas fir tree

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Maybe you swung by a coworkers place for a holiday get-together and gave their cat a few pets before coming home. Well kitty definitely smells it on you, and maybe your cat is the jealous type.

You may not find coal in your stocking for such naughty behavior, but you might find something even less appealing than coal under the tree.

9. Refusing To Take Out All The Great Toys In The Stocking Until Christmas

Persian The Cat

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Maybe you’ve got some stocking stuffers for your kitty full of catnip, treats, and toys. But dangling those things in front of the fireplace out of reach for days is going to make for one impatient, grumpy cat.

Best to keep those gifts locked away and out of sight until the big moment.

10. Tolerating Carolers

Cat hiding out under the Christmas tree.

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You might find an a cappella version of “Carol Of The Bells” delivered to your door charming, but your kitty has to put up with the doorbell ringing, a group of strangers making noise, and an open door letting a cold draft in.

Your cat probably doesn’t have the same appreciation of holiday music that you do, so maybe just let the carolers pass to the neighbor’s house.

What do you do that ruins your cat’s Christmas? Do you have any tips for making the holidays less stressful for cats? Let us know in the comments below!