10 Best Halloween Cat Costumes

Halloween is such a fun holiday for us humans! Keep in mind that it’s a human holiday and that some animals are miserable playing dress up, especially cats!

Some people like to dress their kitties up for Halloween and that’s okay if they are a willing participant.

Our advice is: If you have a costume for your cat, dress them up and take your pictures, remove costume. However, don’t force a cat to stay in a costume if they are unhappy. Nobody likes when a cat is sad.

Let’s all have a fun, safe holiday, and that includes all of our cats!

For those who have kitties who like to play dress-up, here’s a little cat Halloween costume inspiration for you!

Halloween Dos and Don’ts!


  • Let your cat take off their costume as soon as your photos are captured.
  • Do pick simple costumes, like a simple bow-tie!
  • Do give your kitty lots of love.
  • Make sure your cat is in a secure place on Halloween night. We don’t want anyone to escape while you’re handing out candy!


  • Allow your cat to eat Halloween candy.
  • Let your cat escape when trick-or-treaters arrive.
  • Let your cat get stressed during the noisy excitement.

Make sure to keep candy away from your sweet kitty cat while you celebrate! It can be very toxic.

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