Zero Tasking Day: 5 Household Tasks Cats Always Mess Up

cat under pile of laundry

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

When it comes to hashtag holidays, Zero Tasking Day is one of the most laid back ones. It takes place on November 4th, and by the name alone, you can imagine that our leisurely feline friends are fully in support of the idea of relaxing over tasking.

No one can get nothing done better than our cats! In fact, cats are so into the idea of zero tasking that they regularly get in the way of a bunch of household chores and daily routines.

Here are five of the most common situations where cats shut down productivity in celebration of Zero Tasking Day!

1. Finishing Up Laundry

European short haired cat sitting on the laundry inside a washing machine, looking at the camera.

(Picture Credit: Ellen van Bodegom/Getty Images)

Not many of us actually enjoy doing laundry, and even once your clothes, bedding, and towels are clean and dry, you still have to go through the rigmarole of folding them up.

Well, that is until your cat decides that what really helps in getting the chore done is sitting on a warm pile of t-shirts or burrowing into a mountain of socks.

Nothing says fresh laundry like some brand new cat hair.

2. Unpacking Deliveries

cat in box with packing material

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Cats love cardboard, which is why unpacking a new delivery box can end up taking way longer than expected. If you leave the unopened box on the floor, expect your cat to jump up on it and decide to claim it as an important new perch.

Even if you split the box open, kitty will probably attempt to get inside while it’s still filled with goods and extra packaging.

Best solution: Skip the actual goods and just buy boxes.

3. Typing On Your Keyboard

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These days, many people get to work remotely and type away at their keyboards at home. Well, unless they happen to cohabit with cats, in which case those inquisitive felines are guaranteed to try and nap on any and all keyboards currently being used.

Time for another coffee break, I guess.

4. ‘Helping’ With Your Stretches

woman stretching with cat

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Cat yoga is apparently a thing, but if you’ve ever tried to do some yoga, physical therapy, or post-run stretches at home, you’ll know that most cats cannot resist getting in the way of those all-important moves.

Well, either that or deciding to sit on your back or butt while you’re face down in the middle of a routine.

5. Sweeping The Floors

kittens attacking broom

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We all love a good Roomba cat, but the closely-related, less technologically-inclined broomstick cat still exists.

Yep, for certain playful felines, there is no greater hobby than attempting to attack or latch onto a broomstick while it’s sweeping the floors. So much for sweeping up the fur in shedding season.

Does your cat “help” you with chores? Are you going to relax with your cat on Zero Tasking Day? Let us know in the comments below!