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10 Grouchy Cats Who Hate Thanksgiving [PICTURES]

Holidays, holidays, and more holidays!

It’s November, which means we just celebrated Halloween. It’s far from over, though. We have Thanksgiving coming up soon, and then Hanukkah, Christmas, and the other winter holidays to follow!

Our cats may know the drill by now, though if you have a new family member, they are probably wondering, “What in the world is going on?” Thanksgiving is more of a human thing. For a cat, it can just be confusing, annoying, and an interruption of valuable nap time.

Here are 10 cats who hate Thanksgiving.

Keep in mind that holidays are human holidays. Cats don’t register holidays. They’re interested in doing their cat jobs while you do your human jobs.

Cat Jobs

  • Look adorable
  • Groom whenever possible
  • Eat
  • Nap
  • Attack something
  • Find new nap spots
  • Knock stuff over

Human Jobs

  • Work
  • Pay bills
  • Make sure cats get to do cat jobs

We would not be human if we didn’t want our cats to join us for some merriment during the holidays. We still have to keep in mind that our cats should not be expected to participate in anything that’s not cat-job related, unless they seem super cool with it.

If a cat is forced to participate in something they don’t understand, well, they just might wind up hating it. Like the grouchy kitties in the pictures.

It’s important that we provide our pets with unconditional love and care, but don’t try to force them into any situations that they don’t seem comfortable with.

Let’s all have fun, happy and safe holidays.

How are you keeping your kitty happy during Thanksgiving? Does your cat get grumpy around the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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