Meet the Ocicat: The Cat That Thinks It’s a Dog!

If you’ve ever been on the lookout for a dog-like cat that is intelligent and super friendly, the Ocicat is one breed you should consider. The Ocicat’s fur pattern resembles a wild cat, but it’s actually a fully domesticated cat without any wildcat genes.


Ocicats look like wild cats because of their spotted fur. Even though their name is similar to the wild Ocelot, they actually bear no relation to the cat. The original Ocicat was bred from a Siamese cat and an Abyssinian domesticated cat, resulting in its unique fur. These cats come in 12 coat colors and have a muscular appearance. Because these cats are so muscular, they need plenty of opportunities to play and exercise.

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The Ocicat is known to be very “dog like” in its demeanor. They aren’t shy around strangers and often greet visitors who come to the home. They can be good pets for a family with children and are often very “talkative.” These cats are also extremely loyal, friendly, and highly intelligent.

Ocicats are very trainable too! Many Ocicats are taught to fetch, sit, lie down, and do other tricks commonly associated with dogs. Some cats can be taught to walk on a harness outside. Here are some videos of fun tricks that Ocicats have learned:

Walking on a Leash:

Fetching a Toy:


Running on a Treadmill:

Running in a Cat Wheel:

And Cooper the Ocicat, Who Can Do Almost Any Trick!

As you can see, an Ocicat is an extremely versatile breed of cat that pretty much thinks it’s a dog. This is a great cat if you don’t mind the chance that it’ll be a little talkative and if you’re ready to play with her a lot. This kitty will definitely want your attention!



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