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10 Epic YouTube Cats Who Should Compete In The Summer Olympics [VIDEOS]

The greatest athletes in the human world are competing in the Summer Olympics this year, but you don’t need to wait to find the best athletes in the feline world.

These cat stars of YouTube dominate in their sports. In fact, they’d probably take home the gold in the Olympics if we could just do something about that “humans only” rule.

Here are ten cats who should be able to compete in the Summer Olympics.

1. Table Tennis Cat

No paddle necessary for this Ping Pong loving feline.

Nothing gets past the table tennis cat. So long as we’re a little lenient with rules about touching the net, this cat’s victory is assured.

2. Equestrian Cat

Few humans feel as comfortable on horseback as Morris is. He rides the back of his horse buddy, Champy, as if he’s getting ready for a nap.

Hey, falling asleep during the competition isn’t against the rules.

3. Wrestling Cat

No one wrassles quite like a kitty cat. This match is between Little Man and Junior, and it looks like Little Man gets the upper paw.

Who wants to see a bunch of sweaty humans wrestling, anyway? Cats are much cuter.

4. High Jump Cat

There’s no challenge this kitty can’t meet. So long as you place their treats up really high, no human can out-jump this spring-legged feline.

With hind legs like that, the gold medal is assured.

5. Boxing Cat

It’s the age-old battle of dog versus cat in this bout. Dog gives a few nose jabs, but this kitty is ready to give him the old one-two knock out.

Dog doesn’t seem too fazed, but kitty’s got him beat on fundamentals and technique.

6. Rhythmic Gymnastics Cat

Is there a sport more made for cats than one that involves dancing around with a ribbon?

Cole is a natural with his favorite ribbon toy. He may not be too focused on sticking to a routine, but he’s fun to watch!

7. Long Jump Cat

If a human tried to make the same jump as the cat above, they’d get all wet. Cats can jump great distances, especially when it’s to avoid getting water all over their fur.

And this jump was from a standing position. With a running start, this kitty could probably go into orbit.

8. Gymnastics Cat

Gymnasts do some pretty amazing things, swinging from pole to pole with all kinds of flips and tricks. But not one of them is as cute as this adorable gymnast kitty.

This is a routine I could watch all day.

9. Basketball Cat

If you’re going for the alley-oop, this cat has your back. If this kitty takes up a position on top of the back board, almost every shot is guaranteed to find the net.

No word on this cat’s defensive game, though.

10. Field Hockey Cat

Nothing gets past the cat goalie — so long as the shot comes very slowly and stops just short of the goal, anyway.

But at least this kitty has the victory celebration down pretty good. It’s a miracle on carpet.

Would your cat do well in the Olympics? What sport would your kitty be the best at? Let us know in the comments below!

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