gray tabby kitten beside soccer ball, looking upwards, view from abvoe, green background
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Fur Laughs: Fans Go Wild When Stray Cat Runs Onto Field During Soccer Match [VIDEO]

Some soccer players may have cat-like reflexes, but they’re no substitute for a real feline. Maybe that’s why the stray white cat in the video above stormed the field during a match and gave the audience quite a show!

The white kitty, since nicknamed “El Gato Blanco”, stormed Toyota Field during the game between San Antonio FC and Rio Grande Valley FC. Fans immediately erupted in cheers, which the announcer called “one of the loudest ovations of the night!”

El Gato Blanco ran around the field, soaking in the applause, before dashing off in the direction of the locker room. Share the video with someone who could use a smile today!

Your cat at home might not be ready to join the soccer team just yet. But there are several games you can play with your cat to reduce boredom. Here are some of our favorites!

Brain Games To Play With Your Cat & Fight Boredom

(Picture Credit: w-ings/Getty Images)

Try keeping your kitty’s mind active with some of our favorite brain games for cats.

  • Treasure Hunt: Instead of just putting down your cat’s food bowl, try hiding their food in a new place, or even a few different places. This allows them to use their hunting instincts to track their prey, which will challenge them and keep those instincts sharp.
  • Puzzle Feeders: There are plenty of puzzle feeders on the market that will allow your kitty to use their wits to earn food. They range from simple puzzles that only require a bat of the paw to more complex ones.
  • Tricks For Treats: Cats are more than capable of learning tricks just like dogs. Using treats and praise as a reward, try teaching your cat some of the basics like sit, lie down, shake, or roll over.
  • Fun With Boxes: Try closing a small box and cutting a few small holes in it. Then place some treats inside and let your cat stick their paws through the openings to get at the treats. You can do the same thing with an egg carton.
  • Fetch: Who says fetch is just for dogs? Fetch is a great way for your cat to exercise their hunting and pouncing instincts. Try tossing a toy or a ball of paper that they can comfortably pick up.

Would your cat like to join in on a soccer match like the cat in the video? What games does your kitty like to play? Let us know in the comments below!


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