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Fur Laughs: Funny Cat Doesn’t Need Human To Play With Wand Toy [VIDEO]

It’s not always a good thing when cats decide to make their own fun. But the kitty in the video above has found out how to play with a wand toy, and they don’t need a human to do it!

The funny feline picks up the wand, dangles the feathers, and pounces without any help from opposable thumbs. This clever kitty doesn’t need people around to have a good time. Share this video with someone who could use a laugh today!

Of course, we love playing with our kitties, so even though this cat is having some solo fun, we always look forward to bonding and playtime with our pets. If you’re looking for some new games to play with your cat, here are a few options.

Fun Games To Play With Cats

(Picture Credit: LewisTsePuiLung/Getty Images)

Give these five fun and easy games a try with your cat!

  • Bathtub Ping Pong: All you need is an empty bath tub and a ping pong ball. Drop in the ping pong ball in the tub, and watch your cat play!
  • Fetch: Fetch isn’t just for dogs. If you throw a small toy that your cat can carry, then you just might find the toy coming back for you to throw again.
  • The Shell Game: Put a bell, treat, or toy under one of three identically colored cups, or “shells.” Shuffle the cups around like a magician, and see if your cat is able to follow the item and pick the right cup.
  • Hidden Treasure: Put a small piece of meat or a treat inside a piece of paper and crumple it up, but not too tightly. Cats like paper and mystery, and they love treats!
  • Hide & Seek: You can hide anywhere — behind a couch or curtain or wherever else you can find a somewhat easy hiding spot. Let your cat find you. But be on guard; cats are crafty! Carrying a treat or toy might encourage your kitty to find you, too!

Does your cat enjoy playing solo games like the kitty in the video? What games do you play with your cat? Let us know in the comments below!


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