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Fur Laughs: 7 Cats Who Tried To Make A Jump But Didn’t Even Come Close [VIDEOS]

Usually our feline friends can channel the spirits of their jungle-dwelling, tree-climbing ancestors to make almost gravity-defying jumps. These are not those cats.

Luckily, their ability to land on their feet and absorb impact makes them practically immune to fall damage.

So rest assured, it’s okay to laugh. No kitties were harmed in the making of these videos.

1. Mr. Skimbles Slips

We’ve all tried to get up in the morning only to find we’re too sleepy. So we give a half-hearted effort to roll out of bed, only to stop and fall back into the sheets. Mr. Skimbles feels the same way.

After a tired yawn, he tries for an easy jump, only to think better of it halfway through. The result is that he plummets like an orange, fluffy stone.

2. Siamese Supercat

This kitty’s heroic attempt to jump from building to building would do Catwoman proud, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

The Siamese cat has taken the internet by storm, appearing in gifs, memes, and remixes set to epic soundtracks. It stands out as an example of setting your sights high, but falling very, very short.

Again, don’t worry. The cat was fine and ran off after landing.

3. Ketchup & The Fridge

Ketchup the cat was curious about the bird sounds coming from the fridge, but a slippery kitchen counter foils his graceful leap.

The best part is when he climbs back up to the counter after his mishap, then looks around as if to say, “What? Nothing happened. You saw nothing, human.”

Embarrassment transcends all species.

4. Cat Fish Fail

Cats love fish. They love to eat fish, they love to watch fish, and they love to try to catch fish. This little guy isn’t so great at the last part, though.

Glass can be a confusing thing. People walk into glass all the time. So for a feline, it must be downright confounding.

This cat gets an ‘A’ for effort, but his faceplant into the glass tank will make him think twice about going fishing any time soon.

5. Waffles Stumbles

Ice and gymnastics don’t mix well. Waffles the Terrible found that out the hard way when he tried to hop from an icy car to a snowy garage roof.

It’s a bad sign when he starts slipping before he even tries to make the jump. He doesn’t get far and goes for what looks like a fun, albeit terrifying, slide down the hood of the car.

Maybe he was just trying to help his humans clear the snow off the windshield.

6. Toaster Tumbles

This cat lacks a bit of confidence, but still manages to make the jump from his cat post to the kitchen counter. However, he fails to stick the dismount.

Another cat gets foiled by slick kitchen counters, this time taking the toaster with him on the sinking ship that is the S.S. Feline.

The cat is fine. No word on whether the toaster survived.

7. Gray’s Failure To Launch

Gray the cat seems pretty unsure of her jumping abilities, and rightly so. She barely makes it off the wood floor in her attempt to launch to the counter.

Perhaps a little more confidence would help, but sometimes cats just forget how to cat.

As far as failures go, this one isn’t too bad. If you don’t soar too high, you don’t have very far to fall.

Is your cat an amazing jumper? Or are they gravitation-ally challenged like the kitties in these videos? Let us know in the comments below!

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