Young British Blue Shorthair Cat Lying on a Green chair bag. Pensive gray cat.
(Picture Credit: N-sky/Getty Images)

Fur Laughs: Watch Funny Cats Versus Beanbag Chairs [VIDEO]

Cats love playing around on beanbag chairs, as you can see in the video above! They seem to be having a great time figuring out if the chairs are toys, comfy seats, or both.

Why do beanbag chairs drive some cats wild? We may never know. But at least we can share this video and the laughs with someone who could use a smile today!

Are you considering getting a beanbag chair for your cat after watching the video? It might be a great addition to your kitty’s own personal cat corner in your home. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect comfortable and fun cat corner for your feline friend!

Tips For Creating The Perfect Cat Corner

(Picture Credit: N-sky/Getty Images)

Check out a few ways to give your cat an awesome personal area where they can relax and play — and adding a beanbag chair is optional.

  • Set the cat corner up near a window. Windows are known as “Kitty TVs.” Cats love looking out the window and seeing birds, small critters, and humans pass by.
  • Make sure the space is away from too much activity. Consider a quieter area of the home where there isn’t much noise or foot traffic.
  • Give your cat a high place to watch over their domain. A cat tree, a perch, or a kitty condo are all good choices for letting your cat climb.
  • Keep the food and water bowls nearby. When your cat is playing, they’ll need to refuel and rehydrate.
  • Make sure to keep plenty of cat toys in your kitty’s corner. Rotate the toys out once in a while to keep your feline interested.
  • Consider adding some cat-safe plants for your kitty to hide in. Did you know you can grow your own catnip?
  • Add a luxurious cat bed. Your kitty will love having a comfortable space to rest. A beanbag chair can be a great option here!

Do you have a beanbag chair at home that your cat likes to play with? Do they react like the cats in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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